Change 4 Life Sports Clubs

Change4Life Sports Clubs are a new type of extracurricular sports club, funded by the Department of Health in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, designed to increase physical activity levels in less active children in primary and secondary schools by:

  • Using multi-sport themes (primary) or alternative school sports (secondary).
  • Using the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Responding to what children want.
  • Establishing a habit of regular participation.
  • Developing a real sense of belonging.
  • Changing behaviours relating to key health outcomes (including healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health).

Primary School clubs

Primary Change 4 Life Sports clubs capture the essence of the sport without directly delivering sport-specific content, and are grouped under five multi-sport themes:

  • Adventure
  • Creative
  • Combat
  • Flight
  • Target

How do Sports Clubs relate to other school sport initiatives?

The clubs can give children the skills and confidence to take part in School Games opportunities at Level 1 (intra school) and Level 2 (inter school), and beyond.

Change4Life Sports Clubs are having a significant positive effect on the physical activity levels of the young people involved and their attitudes towards being active and healthy. This is contributing to their wellbeing and other aspects of their school and personal life. You can read more about these and other ways that Change4Life Sports Clubs are successful in the report below:

Download Summary

Primary Schools can now use their Primary School Sport funding to purchase Change4Life Sports Club resources and access training. To find out more please contact your School Games Organiser.

Secondary School clubs

Secondary Change 4 Life Sports clubs are sport-specific and are designed around a need to increase the opportunities for young people to participate in non-traditional sports and continue that from the school club to the community club. The National Governing Bodies of Sport involved are:

  • Badminton
  • Boccia
  • Fencing
  • Handball
  • Table tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Wheelchair basketball

To date, the Youth Sport Trust has developed a network of 8,500 school-based sports clubs in England and is looking to have 13,500 clubs established by 2015.

Change4Life and Disney #10 Minute Shake Up

The #10MinuteShakeUp Up is back and this time we want to encourage schools to get pupils moving throughout the day both inside and outside the classroom and to work as a team! Activities are once again inspired by Disney stories and characters. There are four fun Disney teams to shake up (Big Hero 6, Frozen, Monsters and Toy Story) to help capture the pupils imagination.

To inspire the kids to get moving there is a special 10 Minute Shake Up video routine starring a mystery TV personality (accessed via the link below)

This year’s packs for schools have lots of ideas to support teachers in delivering key stage 1 and 2 physical education curricula by encouraging pupils to have fun running, jumping, throwing, catching and dancing. Packs are being delivered to head teachers with the School Fruit and Veg scheme but can also be downloaded via the link below.