Competitions & Festivals

In this section you will find the formats used for the Level 2/ 3 competitions. If you would like further details on any of the formats please contact your School Games Organiser.


  • Sports Hall Athletics Y5-6
  • Mini Basketball Y5-6
  • Boccia Y5-6
  • Gymnastics Individual
  • Gymnastics Y1-2
  • Gymnastics Y3-4
  • Gymnastics Y5-6
  • Hockey (Quick Sticks) Y5-6
  • Lacrosse Y5-6
  • TAG Rugby Y5-6
  • Swimming Y4-5

Secondary / Colleges

  • Rugby 7s
  • Rugby Womens Touch
  • Squash Y7-9
  • Squash Y10-11
  • Table Tennis Y7&8
  • Volleyball Y7&8
  • Volleyball Y9&10
  • Water Polo Y7&8


  • Boccia Y5-6
  • Boccia Y7/8/9
  • Disability Gymnastics Individual
  • MLD-SLD Tag Rugby
  • Disability Swimming Y4/5/6
  • Disability Swimming Y7/8/9
  • Inclusive Tennis

For the competition briefs for all of the above School Games competitions please click the link below.

Click here for competition briefs